Horticulture is dedicated to celebrating and encouraging the passion for gardening in its myriad forms.

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Whether for style or sustenance, pride or profit, strengthening body and mind or community, the one thing all gardeners have in common is their passionate dedication to their chosen plot of land. Few avocations are as rewarding on so many levels as gardening – physically, psychologically, and spiritually – and we believe the joys and thrills of the gardener’s life should be experienced by, and shared with, everyone, no matter where they live nor the size of their garden.

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HortMag.com is a thriving community of gardeners who are passionate about sharing their collective wisdom with like-minded souls across the United States and around the world.

Between print editions, these CoHorts (as we call ourselves) are in constant connection on Facebook and Twitter, participating in conversations in the HortMag.com forum and sharing updates on the blogs (KissMyAster, The Editors’ Blog, The Gardening Blog).