Popular Woodworking is one of the most respected woodworking information and education providers today.

Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking’s unique editorial content is authoritative, accurate and complete. Each issue of the magazine and the broad and deep content of PopularWoodworking.com provides an array of projects, technique articles and tool reviews. The Popular Woodworking reader is a passionate, dedicated woodworker who relies on the magazine content to expand and improve on his woodworking skills and knowledge.

The magazine’s savvy editors are also accomplished woodworkers. Their deep understanding of the craft brings important insight to the pages of the magazine and web site.

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Popular Woodworking Books

The editors and authors at Popular Woodworking Books draw on their decades of woodworking experience to show woodworkers the best way to get things done, and explain why and how these techniques work. Build skills and avoid frustrating trial-and-error mistakes by following shop-proven, practical methods.


Popular Woodworking makes shop time more fun, more satisfying and less frustrating. At ShopWoodworking.com find a wide variety of resources for every skill level and every shop project from cabinetry and woodcarving to Arts & Crafts and period furniture. From videos and dvds to project plans and books.

Shop Class

Shop Class is the online home for expert woodworking videos from the publishers of Popular Woodworking and select partners. The site offers commercial-free viewing of video, by subscription.