Chad Phelps Promoted to F+W Media Chief Digital Officer

F+W Media is pleased to announce the promotion of Chad Phelps to Chief Digital Officer.  Since his appointment with F+W in 2008, Phelps has held a critical role in the creation and growth of the Company’s emedia business which today represents more than 15% of its overall revenues. Phelps holds responsibility for all digital and emedia businesses, ecommerce, online advertising sales, competitions, ebooks, enhanced books, and site development.

“Chad has a true passion for the work he does and the customers we serve. He continually implements ways to grow our revenues, streamline processes, and improve results,” said David Nussbaum, Chairman & CEO. “He is a leader of change and an early adopter of new technologies. He smartly integrates the right solutions into our business, while not rushing headlong at new projects without proven ROI, which in today’s ever-evolving industry is important.”

Phelps also set the strategy for the Company’s first community-focused ecommerce store, and has since launched more than 20 additional stores. Most recently, he helped guide the acquisition and integration of The Writers Store – ( the Company’s largest ecommerce store – and the launch of the new joint venture with Hoffman Media, the Martha Pullen Store ( In addition to his success in growing revenues, he has lowered costs across the enterprise, adopting open-source technologies at a fraction of the price of earlier solutions.