Digital Book World New Weekly E-Book Best-Seller List Released

Major Publishers and Higher Prices Dominate First List

August 20 – New York – Beginning today, the latest, best-selling e-books will be tracked weekly by the Digital Book World E-Book Best-Seller List, powered by Iobyte Solutions exclusively for Digital Book World, a division of F+W Media, Inc.

Unique in its scope and its organization, the list, published on and delivered via the Monday edition of the Digital Book World daily e-newsletter, aggregates the previous full week’s sales ranking data from Amazon, Nook, Google, Kobo and Sony and organizes the sales data by price (methodology will be available on Monday at 8:00 AM Eastern Time).

The debut list, August 11 – 18th, includes only three titles priced for less than three dollars*, and only four from publishers other than the Big Six — the six largest publishers: Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin, Random House and Simon & Schuster. Last week’s sales also reflect the continued demand for the “Shades of Grey” trilogy, though Book One has given way to Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl” (Random House) in the No. 3 position.

Considering price is a fundamental correlative to sales, reporting, tracking and analyzing pricing and its relationship to e-book sales is the primary objective of the weekly Digital Book World E-Book Best-Seller List. The majority of e-books sold last week were from major publishers selling books at higher price points, indicating that smaller publishers, self-published authors and low-priced titles that are offered cheap as “daily deals” are not sustaining enough sales to be considered “best sellers”, according to a debut e-book best seller list released today.

“It is incredibly important for the fast emerging ebook marketplace, to have clear, valid and authenticated data about both the dollar volume and unit volume of best sellers,” said David Nussbaum, the Chairman and CEO of Digital Book World’s parent, F+W Media.  “Because it is still a very young business, the entire channel — authors, agents, publishers, and consumers need clear and focused information about best sellers.  We aim to provide that with our new DBW tool.”

The Digital Book World E-Book Best-Seller List gives digital publishers, agents, authors and editors a valuable tool to navigate the changes in publishing brought about by the rise of e-books. The list was created with guidance from several well-known book publishing industry experts, including Mike Shatzkin, CEO of The Idea Logical Company, Simon Lipskar, president of New York-based literary agency Writers House, Len Vlahos, executive director of the Book Industry Study Group, and Kelly Gallagher, vice president at Bowker Market Research.

“As a combined list of all the retailers, it gives as unbiased a view as possible as to what people are really buying. By taking a weekly view, this list will smooth out the one-day sales spikes from the daily deals and reveal the true best-sellers,” said Dan Lubart, managing partner of Iobyte Solutions.

“I’ve thought for a long time that e-book best-seller data required price-banding to be meaningful,” said Mike Shatzkin, CEO of The Idea Logical Company. “I think it’s a huge benefit to the industry, particularly to the established publishers, to have these price differentials put into bold relief.”

* The three low-priced titles are best-selling author Lee Child’s “Deep Down” (Random House), a novella released in mid-July and priced at $1.99 (No. 11); and Lene Kaaberbol’s and Agnete Friis’s “The Boy in the Suitcase” (Soho Press, a New York-based independent publisher), a November 2011 release that shot up the best-seller list last week due to an Amazon promotion and is priced between $1.39 and $1.99 at various retailers (No. 12); and Jonathan Tropper’s novel “This Is Where I Leave You” (Penguin), a November 2009 release that hit the list after its price was dropped to $2.99 last week.

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