F+W Media Releases First eBook Subscription Site for Enthusiasts

Launch plan to include seven more niche consumer sites by end Q2
NEW YORK – March 29, 2012 – F+W Media, Inc. today announced the launch of the first in a series of eBook Subscription Sites created specifically for enthusiasts. The first site, Artist’s Network eBooks Book Club, the Company’s art community ebook subscription site, http://ebooks.artistsnetwork.com, features more than 100 full-color art instruction titles from the Company’s celebrated art community. The ebooks are available in their original format and delivered to subscribers via computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android mobile device. Titles available on the subscription site for instant access include bestsellers for beginning to advanced artists, like Perspective without Pain, The Figure, and Lee Hammond’s Big Book of Drawing.
“Two key issues in the illustrated book space are device neutral availability and discoverability. We think our new ebook subscription sites offer a solution to both challenges. With the release of myriad devices and formats, number of online vendors, and confusing search functionality, consumers often get lost in the ebook space,” said David Nussbaum, Chairman & CEO, F+W Media. “We have a unique vantage point in that we are in direct communication with our millions of customers every day, and have been for years. This valued relationship, this open dialogue, allows us to create and directly deliver the exact products and services our customers seek,” he added. “Lack of discoverability is not holding us back.”
“Launching enthusiast ebook subscription sites is a natural progression for the Company and a valuable addition to our portfolio,” said Chad Phelps, Chief Digital Officer. “Through ongoing market research and customer segmentation we know what our artists, writers, and designers need to achieve their creative pursuits. We aim to be their sole source of information, inspiration, products and services. Subscription sites are just one more opportunity to serve our customers with quality content, with value-added functionality.”
The sites allow subscribers to easily access new titles, take notes, add bookmarks, and create a library of titles viewed. The reader itself contains tools to zoom in on text or images and change orientation and layout.  F+W has planned the release of seven additional  ebook subscription sites dedicated to writing, design, firearms, woodworking, genealogy, craft, and romance fiction.  “The technology, content, and messaging came together seamlessly – in part thanks to our partners at Impelsys. This allows us to replicate the model across our communities, quickly,” added Phelps.
“We are excited to partner and innovate with F+W Media in leveraging iPublishCentral to create subscription based eBook clubs around their vertical communities, ” said Sameer Shariff, CEO, Impelsys. Impelsys’ award winning solution, iPublishCentral, is a software and infrastructure solution that helps publishers warehouse, distribute, market, deliver and sell their digital content in all digital platforms.

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Contact: Stacie Berger, Communications Director, F+W Media, Inc.