F+W Media Announces the Acquisition of Script Magazine

Adds to growing portfolio serving the scriptwriting and filmmaking communities

December 9, 2011 – F+W Media, Inc. has completed the acquisition of Script Magazine from Final Draft, Inc. Script Magazine, the world’s most respected scriptwriting magazine, has served the scriptwriting and filmmaking communities since 1989. The acquisition further builds the Company’s leading portfolio of products and services for writers. Charter publication Writer’s Digest serves as the hub of the community which includes The Writers Store, The Writer’s Digest Conference, the recently launched event The Screenwriters World Conference (January and October 2012), as well as a wide portfolio of books and educational properties for aspiring and professional writers. (http://www.writersdigest.com/scriptmagazine)

“We are proud to bring Script Magazine into the F+W Media family,” said David Nussbaum, Chairman and CEO, F+W Media, Inc. “Our corporate mission is to serve enthusiasts with the instruction and inspiration they seek to further their hobby or profit from their passions. As such, we will continue to produce informative content specifically for the emerging to veteran writer on the craft of screenwriting. And by bringing Script Magazine together with The Writers Store, the leading ecommerce resource for writing and filmmaking tools, and The Screenwriters World Conference, soon-to-be the premier event in the industry, we will reach a new segment of our audience, expand our offerings, and better serve the entire writing community.”

The print magazine will transition to an online content site – scriptmag.com – and continue the magazine’s legacy of offering the most comprehensive coverage of the craft and business of writing for film and television. The immediacy and interaction of the online site will allow for more content, resources, networking opportunities, webinars, and access to the industry news writers need. Subscribers to Script Magazine will enjoy full access to the site and Writer’s Digest magazine for the remainder of their subscription period.

“It’s been an amazing experience publishing Script Magazine for the past six years, and the decision to step down as publisher has been a very difficult one. But our focus at Final Draft, Inc. has always been and is more than ever today on developing technology and software for scriptwriters. We are focusing all of our talent on creating the best tools possible to serve our writers,” said Marc Madnick, President & CEO, Final Draft, Inc. “Plus, with F+W Media and our friends at The Writers Store at the helm of Script gives us great comfort – they not only know what writers need, but they know how to serve the writing community like we know software – what a great fit.”

About F+W Media, Inc.

F+W Media, Inc. is a community-focused, content creator and marketer of products and services for enthusiasts. The Company offers a diversified portfolio of books, ebooks, magazines, events, competitions, ecommerce, education, video, and more. For more than 90 years, the experts at Writer’s Digest have been publishing books, magazines, competitions, conferences and distance education materials for writers who want to polish their skills and hone their craft. www.fwcommunity.com

Stacie Berger, Communications Director,  F+W Media, Inc.,  sberger@fwmedia.com 513.531.2690

About Final Draft, Inc.

Final Draft, Inc. was founded in 1991 to develop a scriptwriting program that allows the writer to concentrate on the creative process and not on Hollywood’s stringent formatting rules. Since then, Final Draft software has become the entertainment professional’s choice and the world’s number-one selling scriptwriting program for film, television, theatre, and new media. Final Draft, Inc. also publishes Final Draft AV, the only scriptwriting application tailored to the needs of writers using the two-column format.

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