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The F+W Outdoors Community offers engaging content for outdoor enthusiasts who hunt whitetail deer, wild turkey and predators like coyote, fox and raccoon. Our in-house editorial staff and freelance contributors are a who’s-who of the nation’s top experts, helping both beginning sportsmen and sportswomen and seasoned veterans alike learn more about the wild game they pursue.


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Deer & Deer

Deer & Deer Hunting

Deer & Deer Hunting offers comprehensive and practical information about white-tailed deer and deer hunting techniques. Each issue of Deer & Deer Hunting includes must-know information, from deer behavior to rut predictions, first-hand reports of extraordinary hunts; expert hunting tips, techniques and strategies; special big-buck hunting sections; and deer management insight and reports.



ShopDeerHunting.com is dedicated to bringing hunters the best books, dvds, hunting videos, hunting classes, information, and expert tips. Products from Krause Publications as well as clothing and footwear, gear and accessories from partners like Kinsey’s Archery Products.



Deer & Deer Hunting TV is one of the most-watched outdoors show on television, providing serious whitetail hunters with practical and comprehensive information about deer and deer behavior to make them better hunters. Destination Whitetail is a TV show that investigates the people, places and ways to hunt whitetail throughout North America. Land of Whitetail covers in-depth topics not only about how and where to hunt deer, but responsible habitat management.